Faculty & Student Resource: Banned Books Libguide

This research guide on banned books, and Banned Books Week is meant as a starting point for middle school students (5th-8th grade) to be explored with a teacher, or librarian. It can be used by all grade levels for any special lessons that will take place during Banned Books Week, or at any time during the school year to explore resources about book banning, and censorship. Suggested research questions that could be answered by using this guide include:

  • What is the history of Banned Books Week?
  • What are a few case studies of where, and when book banning has occurred?
  • Which titles are frequently banned, and for what reasons? 
  • How, and/or why do educational institutions honor Banned Books Week today?

By using this guide, students may also gain understanding of how different multimedia resource types (including books, articles, databases, video, audio, primary sources, and more) can holistically provide information from different entry points to a specific topic.

This tutorial was created as part of the advanced certificate LMS program at Queens College (2021-2022), with the intention of being introduced as a faculty, and student resource at Berkeley Carroll.

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