Publications, Presentations & More!


Portis, M., Detro, E.M., & Aronofsky, M. (Forthcoming). Voices from the field. In A. Hartsell-Gundy, K. Duckett, S. Morris (Eds.), Learning in action: Designing successful graduate student work experiences in academic libraries. Association of College & Research Libraries. 

Bowler, L., Aronofsky, M., Milliken, G., & Acker, A. (2020). Teen engagements with data in an after-school data literacy programme at the public library. In Proceedings of ISIC, the Information Behaviour Conference, Pretoria, South Africa, 28-1 October, 2020. Information Research, 25(4), paper isic2015. Retrieved from (Archived by the Internet Archive at


Co-presented with Mia Bruner, Emma Karin Eriksson, and Mary Mann. Fumbling Towards Radical Information Liberation with Prison Library Support Network. Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), June 2021.

Co-presented with Maggie Portis & Ella Milliken Detro, “Weeding ‘Wright’ : Engaging Graduate Students in a Meaningful Collection Development Process,” Association of Architecture School Librarians, 43rd Annual Conference, March 2021.

Co-presented with Genevieve Milliken, “Youth Data Literacy: ‘Exploring Data Worlds’ Tween & Teen Engagement Factors,” New York City Open Data Week, March 2019.

Blog Posts & LibGuides:

“Meaningful Technology in a School Library Environment” Blog Post, Association of Library Services to Children blog . August 14, 2021.

“Technology In Practice” Blog Post: Adapting To A Remote Learning Environment,” Association of Library Services to Children blog. August 8, 2020.

Technology in Practice Libguide:  An introduction point for a curated selection of the tech tools that are available to Berkeley Carroll teachers. Published as part of Berkeley Carroll School’s research guide collection in Fall 2020.

Children’s Librarianship Libguide: An introduction to research within the field of Children’s Librarianship. Published as part of Pratt Institute Libraries research guide collection. Fall 2019.

LGBTQIA+ Reading Ally Recommendations: A resource highlighting the LGBTQIA+ resources available in the Berkeley Carroll School library. Published as part of the Berkeley Carroll School’s research guide collection. Fall 2019.

Professional Affiliations

Association for Independent School Librarians (AISL). 2018-Present.

Association of Library Services to Children (ALSC): Children + Technology Committee Member. 2020-Present.

Hudson Valley Library Association (HVLA). 2018-Present.

American Library Association (ALA). 2018-Present.

Professional Development & Certifications

KQED Media Academy for Educators: Podcasting & Audio Production for the Classroom (February 2021); Analyzing & Evaluating Media for the Classroom (November 2020)

Minecraft Education Edition: Teacher Academy (March 2021)

Research & Projects:

6th Grade Reading Bingo: Collaboration with Humanities

During the 2018-2019 school year at Berkeley Carroll Middle School, I worked with the 6th Grade Humanities Department to develop a Reading Engagement Bingo challenge (aimed at diversifying the reading choices made by our 6th Graders). This project was non-incentivized (beyond achieving a Reading ‘Bingo’ or Reading ‘Blackout’), and students who successfully did so were awarded with a signed certificate at the end of the year. This project will be updated, and repeated for the 2019-2020 school year.

Exploring Data Worlds:

Exploring Data Worlds At The Public Library was an IMLS-funded project aimed at studying data literacy for teens, and specifically engagement levels during data literacy workshops at the public library. As part of my role as a research assistant (supervised by Dr. Leanne Bowler, Pratt Institute) during 2019, my responsibilities included:

  • coding workshop memos for teen engagement factors;
  • presenting findings, and co-facilitating a workshop with Pratt SI student Genevieve Milliken on using NYC open data sets (as part of NYC Open Data Week);
  • creating an open-source data literacy workshop playbook (expected published date summer 2019);
  • co-writing a paper with project supervisors on our findings (expected published date 2019-2020)