Outreach & Volunteer Experience

Prison Library Support Network (New York, NY) Organizer

January 2018-Present

  • Facilitator of Abolitionist Futures: Prison Library Support Network Discussion Group. Hosted by METRO & co-facilitated by Emma-Karin Eriksson & Veronica Smith.
  • Primary communications manager – help managing email inbox, and onboarding new volunteers. (Ongoing).
  • Helped organize a successful fundraiser in partnership with NYC library workers. This effort raised funds to build book collections in correctional facilities, shelters, and transitional housing. Efforts included building a fundraising plan, coordinating volunteers, and outreach to donors (November-December 2020). 
  • Co-coordinator of new volunteer reference inquiry project with Queens Public Library, and Brooklyn Public Library (2019).
  • Co-coordinator for project with the New Lots Public Library. This is an attempt to re-image the branch’s TeleStory room, and includes outreach to volunteers for room clean-up, coordination of local artist for a mural project, outreach efforts for donated supplies, and collaborative work on the BPL funding proposal (2019).
  • Ongoing facilitation of book drives with New York Public Library’s Correctional Services Division (entails outreach to gather all volunteers, and emailing national publishers to request books for prison libraries around New York)
  • Ongoing facilitation of reference letter events with Brooklyn Public Library’s Jail & Prison Libraries (including outreach efforts to gather volunteer letter writers)
  • Primary contact person for PLSN communication efforts, including the recording of internal meeting minutes, facilitation of meetups at organizations such as METRO, and composing emails to the PLSN Listserv

Rural Employment Opportunities (Polson, MT) – Outreach Worker

July-August 2018

  • Seasonal tutor for middle school, and high school migrant students in Montana
  • Designed and implemented specialized math curriculum for several different students directly in the field (cherry orchards)
  • Kept extensive records and notes on each outreach/tutoring session
  • Recorded performance assessments for each student