Student Resource: Canva Digital Makerspace Activity

I created this lesson slideshow and activity during the 2021-2022 school year. The activity’s aim is to teach students the basics of Canva – the digital design program. While it provides some structure in the form of a library-themed goal for the first end product, and the initial use of a template, it will also ask students to explore the program by inserting their own images, text, and creative flourishes. The slideshow I created is meant to stand alone, so the activity can either be sent to students to complete asynchronously, or used as a guiding teaching aid in a “live” or synchronous, remote activity. As the first slide states, the only materials needed for this activity are: the student’s school device; the slideshow for instructions and tips; and a bit of creativity.

The book squares created in this activity can be printed for display on the library bulletin board, and also posted (with permission) on the library Instagram account.

This activity was created as part of the advanced certificate LMS program at Queens College, but was used in practice with 8th grade students in my Digital Essentials class this year.

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