Library & Educator Experience


The Berkeley Carroll School (Brooklyn, NY) – Middle School Technology Integrator. August 2019-Present.

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, I stepped into a full-time position as the Middle School Technology Integrator at The Berkeley Carroll School. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, my job became integral in facilitating, and managing remote school – both by supporting educators in learning new ways of teaching, and by helping students navigate a new way of learning online.

  • 5th & 8th Grade Digital Essentials teacher – a class responsible for teaching digital literacy and technology skills
  • Middle School Advisor (currently 8th grade)
  • Faculty Development:
    • EdTech tool implementation
    • Best practices for using technology in the classroom
    • Standardized use of Google Classroom, Google Calendar
    • Ethical video streaming practice
  • Interdisciplinary curricular support for effective integration of technology into the classroom
  • Daily tech support for students and faculty (iPads 5/6th Grade; Chromebooks 7th/8th Grade)
  • Remote & hybrid learning support & implementation
  • Elective teacher:
    • Pickling
    • Typing
    • Student newspaper
    • Podcasting
    • Mock Newbery
  • Affinity Group Facilitator (First Generation)

The Berkeley Carroll School (Brooklyn, NY) – Middle School Equity & Inclusion Coordinator. August 2020-Present.

In concurrence with my position as Technology Integrator, I am also one of two Equity & Inclusion coordinators in the middle school. In this role, I have:

  • Organized middle school affinity groups – promotion to students, coordination of leaders, scheduling and room assignments, community-wide programming & showcasing of group-created projects
  • Developed schoolwide programming, and announcements to celebrate different identities, heritages, and cultures. These have been in conjunction with national heritage months, as well as scheduled throughout the year.
  • Created acknowledgements, and presentations for schoolwide events such as assemblies

The Berkeley Carroll School (Brooklyn, NY) – Middle School Library Assistant. August 2018 – August 2019.

Please see my School Library Projects page for a photo blog of book displays, programming ideas, and more library fun that I was responsible for during my time as the Library Assistant.  This page is directly embedded from my Manu the Librarian tumblr! More library projects can be found on my Academic & Professional Projects page.

  • Supervision of students in the Middle School library (grades 5-8)
  • Creation of library programming, and assistance with library electives (including the Mock Newbery 2019 elective)
  • Curriculum development, and implementation of a Reading Engagement Bingo project (6th grade Humanities)
  • Curriculum development, and implementation of a new gender and sexual identity unit (6th grade Science)
  • Creation of two original LibGuides: A 6th Grade Reading Bingo Libguide, and a First-Generation Affinity Group LibGuide
  • Management of numerous school LibGuides, including subject-specific guides, as well as guides to the library
  • Research assistance with various departments and grades
  • Ongoing management of patron records

Pratt Institute Library (Brooklyn, NY) – Technical Services & Collection Development Graduate Assistant. January 2018 – December 2019.

  • Independently worked on a large collection management project of the print architecture collection, including de-duping, assessment, and physical processing of materials (project selected for presentation at 2020 AASL Conference)
  • Primarily responsible for an extensive, library-wide weeding project, including deaccessioning titles from library’s LMS (Sierra) and OCLC, physically discarding a large volume of materials, and assessment of certain materials
  • Basic technical service duties for library materials: including addition of tattle tape; printing and adhering new call numbers; changing item status
  • Student thesis copy cataloging

Pratt Institute (New York, NY) – ‘Exploring Data Worlds at the Public Library’ Research Assistant. January 2018 – December 2019.

  • Created a Children’s Librarianship LibGuide (published by Pratt Institute Libraries)
  • Wrote a literature review on youth data literacy in public libraries, to be included in an upcoming publication
  • Data management and organization for an IMLS-funded project on youth data literacy (supervised by Dr. Leanne Bowler, Pratt Institute)
  • Open, and selective coding of memos for previously facilitated youth data literacy workshops
  • Co-facilitated a workshop on using open data sets, and presented research findings at “Fun With Data: Planning After-School Data Activities For Teens” workshop (part of NYC Open Data Week)

Luna Dance Institute (Berkeley, CA) – Librarian. 2015-2016.

  • Created a specialized cataloging system for a private library within a dance institute, in which materials included books, articles, and video resources
  • Fixed flawed records containing bibliographic information for journal articles, and uploaded the corrected records to a searchable LibraryThing database
  • Trained dance faculty on library procedures