Elementary School Programming – ACLA Youth Services / Storytime Savers


This is a great list of “Story Time Savers”! I found it on the Allegheny County Library Association page, which I was initially directed towards in one of our readings for this course.

The list of ‘Savers’ is basically just an aggregated list of different story time themes, and book ideas for each theme. I like that the list incorporates some standard themes (ex. zoo story time, pet story time), but my favorites are the unconventional ones like Animals Nobody Loves Story Time.

For example this list includes the books:

A Pet for Petunia by Paul Schmid. Petunia is just sure she wants a skunk for a pet, until she first smells one. Illustrations are truly delightful and her ‘unfair parents’ rant is great fun to read aloud.

Aaaarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks a delightful story about a spider that desperately wants to be a family’s pet. Another opportunity to scream loudly.

Guji Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen is a great story about a crocodile raised by ducks who is surprised to discover crocodiles eat ducks, but then tricks big, nasty crocodiles and protects his true family.

Some other fun themes are the Fruits and Veggies theme, and Shoe theme.

Elementary School Programming – ACLA Youth Services / Storytime Savers

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