Library Offerings

Our new year bulletin board reminds middle school students & faculty of everything the library has to offer! Library benefits include:

  • An extensive book collection – both print & digital
  • The Knowledge Bar – where the amazing Ms. Schaffer deals with all tech needs!
  • Research help from librarians (including help with specific projects, as well as help accessing and using our amazing database collection)
  • A great magazine collection! Including physical magazines, and our digital magazine collection on the Flipster app
  • And much, much more…

‘Explore the Unexplained’ Book Display

We just got a really fun collection of books in about unexplained phenomena! These include titles about the Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot & the Loch Ness monster, mythical creatures, the Hope Diamond & other cursed objects, Aliens & UFO’s, Superstitions, and more. Definitely a fun break time group of books to peruse.Maybe we can answer the age-old question – are they really out there?

Library Snowflakes

Our autumn leaves have been replaced by decorative paper snowflakes! Thanks to all of the middle schoolers who cut out these recycled snowflakes during breaktime. While we had some templates available, many students decided to be creative and try out their own designs!

6th Grade Book Bingo – Rotating Display

The entire 6th grade (through Humanities class) is partaking in a very exciting book bingo reading engagement challenge! The challenge asks students to read books from 25 different categories. But these categories go way beyond your usual genres, and include such things as: a book written by someone under 30, a book with a one-word title, and a book set on a different continent. This display will change weekly, and offer book suggestions from all the different categories. On the menu now – all books with one-word titles!