Elementary School Collection Development – 4 Tips for a Diverse School Library | NAESP

This is a short, but helpful resource for Elementary-age collection development. While it could definitely apply to all age groups, it was produced specifically by the National Association of Elementary School Principals.


There isn’t anything super different from what we’ve read in class so far (especially in the Naidoo text), but it does suggest some interest tips.

One is that the Junior Library Guild, which is a subscription service that sends a collection of books monthly to different public + school libraries, now has a specific “Multicultural Books” category.  Their website describes the collection as:

“…12 books that feature plot lines with ethnically and culturally diverse characters that may help foster an awareness and understanding of others.

Perfect for: Elementary readers seeking books about diverse characters and cultures”

Another tip the article recommends is having your library participate in a diversity reading challenge. This would ensure that your elementary school library collection is covering all the right areas! They specifically name the Diversity on the Shelf challenge, which unfortunately I don’t think is happening anymore. However, I was curious about this and found a few more, such as this one & this really cool Diversity Bingo idea (it may include topics that would be harder to find in elementary-aged reading materials, but it could definitely be adapted for younger readers!)


Elementary School Collection Development – 4 Tips for a Diverse School Library | NAESP

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