Reading Motivation Presentations

These three presentations were created as supplementary materials for reading motivation implementation strategies. They are meant to be engaging, digital summaries of arguments as to why advocating for a healthy reading culture is so important in terms of education, and academic achievement. There are added sources throughout for further reading, as well as implementation ideas.

The three materials include:

  • Reading Aloud: a presentation summarizing the impact of reading aloud in a middle school environment
  • Developing an Independent Reading Culture: a presentation summarizing the importance of independent reading, and how to continue fostering this environment in a middle school
  • Student-Centered Book Discussions: An implementation overview of a student-centered book discussion (in upper middle school grades) program. This presentation supplements a research paper I wrote with more information on this project, and an analysis of its educational benefits.

These presentations were created as assignments for the advanced certificate LMS program at Queens College (2021-2022), with the aim of being introduced, and/or implemented at Berkeley Carroll Middle School.

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