Libguides & Research Guides

A list of Libguides/research guides I have published for professional, or academic purposes.

  • Technology in Practice Libguide:  An introduction point for a curated selection of the tech tools that are available to Berkeley Carroll teachers, as well as pages for tech best practices & tech resources in the middle school. Published as part of Berkeley Carroll School’s research guide collection in Fall 2020; Revised for faculty development Fall 2021.
  • Banned Book Week Libguide: This research guide was create for as part of the advanced certificate LMS program at Queens College (2021-2022). It is meant as a starting point for middle school students (5th-8th grade) to be explored with a teacher, or librarian. It can be used by all grade levels for any special lessons that will take place during Banned Books Week. Research questions that could be answered using the resources in this guide include:
    • What is the history of Banned Books Week?
    • What is the history of book banning & censorship in the United States?
    • What are a few case studies of where, and when book banning has occurred?
    • Which titles are frequently banned, and for what reasons?
    • How, and/or why do educational institutions honor Banned Books Week today?
  • Children’s Librarianship Libguide: An introduction to research within the field of Children’s Librarianship. Published as part of Pratt Institute Libraries research guide collection in Fall 2019.
  • LGBTQIA+ Reading Ally Recommendations: A resource highlighting the LGBTQIA+ resources available in the Berkeley Carroll School library. Published as part of the Berkeley Carroll School’s research guide collection in Fall 2019.

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