Parent & Guardian Technology Resources: Google Classroom Information Session

I created this presentation during the 2021-2022 school year. It’s contents include Google Classroom best practices, tips, and middle school Google Classroom guidelines. It was presented to parents & guardians virtually after Back to School Night, with the intention of informing parents about Google Classroom.

Information included:

  • Our focus on consistency in using Google Classroom schoolwide
  • Best practices for supporting students in their use of Google Classroom
  • Expectations for both teachers, and students in using Google Classroom
  • Information on the Google Guardian summaries
  • Information from our Learning Specialist (co-presenter) on how Google Classroom supports our executive functioning skills in the middle school

The information in this presentation was mirrored to teachers during faculty work week, as well as to students during a back to school orientation session (August 2021 & September 2021, respectively).

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