Faculty Development: Wakelet Review

This digital tool review is for Wakelet, which is a free platform used to easily collect, save, and curate digital resources (articles, videos, tweets, documents, images, and more) into organized collections. These collections of online resources can be shared with other educators, classes/students, or parents. The presentation includes:

  • Logging into Wakelet and creating an account
  • Creating a Wakelet collection
  • Saving different digital resources to Wakelet
  • Sharing a Wakelet Collection
  • Searching public Wakelet Collections
  • Ideas for using Wakelet as related to information literacy

Accompanying this screen recorded presentation is a slideshow, which can be accessed after watching a live presentation, or recorded presentation.

This tutorial was created as part of the advanced certificate LMS program at Queens College (2022), with the intention of being introduced to faculty at Berkeley Carroll.

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