7th Grade Presentation Basics & Screen Recording: Math Fair Collaboration

This lesson was designed to provide with instruction in how to create a visually attractive, succinct, and digitally responsible slideshow. These skills were applied to the 7th Grade Math Fair research project, where the students summarized their research paper content onto slideshows. Once the slideshows were complete, the second part of the lesson was facilitated, which was instruction on how to screen record 5-10 minute presentations using the built-in Chromebook screen recorder. These presentations are showcased on a public-facing website to share the research with parents/other outside members of the community. An in-school Math Fair presentation will also take place, where students will present their research without technology.

Lesson Flow:


-Design Basics: Font, Size & Color
-How To Summarize Information on a Slide Using Bullet Points
-Using Images (And Using Images Responsibly!) throughout your project!
-Sources Slide
-Finding a Nice Template


-Screen recording the presentation using the built-in Chromebook screen recording feature

This lesson was done using live demos, but slides were shared with math teachers to post in any resource document/Google Classroom Topic the students were using for the project. This way students had access to all tips, screenshots, and recorded demos asynchronously.

This lesson was also done in collaboration with the middle school librarian, who provided a lesson in navigating the Math Fair Libguide, and using Noodletools to save and create citations in a NoodleTools project (this happened before any of the slideshow instruction, and kicked off the student research for their research papers). Bibliographies from NoodleTools is complete, were exported to the “Sources” slide of the presentation.

This lesson was implemented during the 2021-2022 school year.

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