8th Grade SketchUp Unit

This project was done in collaboration with the 8th Grade Science teacher during the 2020-2021 school year. In the past, this project had been done during the engineering unit with this guiding question: “How can I improve the social, physical and aesthetic cityscape that my community inhabits by designing a bridge that is approved by experts in the field?” There was no digital component, and bridges were constructed using physical materials in the school’s Beta Lab.

Because we were remote for most of the school year, we decided to incorporate a digital component by teaching every 8th grader the basics of SketchUp 3D Modeling Program. During the course of this unit, students:

  • Learned the basic functions in SketchUp
  • Learned how to “grid” their work to scale down the proportions of their bridge
  • Created digital mock-ups of their bridge blueprints in SketchUp
  • Presented the version of their digital bridges for a panel of judges (alongside other components of the unit)
  • Some students: Continued to revise their 3D bridge designs, and had them 3D printed in the school’s Beta Lab

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