8th Grade CAPStone Project: Community Action for New Mothers & Caregivers

CAPStone is the community action program that all 8th graders participate in before they finish middle school. During the 2020-2021 school year, I led an action program meant to benefit new mothers & caregivers. For this project, we hosted a schoolwide diaper drive. Diapers collected were donated to Little Essentials – an organization based in Brooklyn that collects diapers (and other supplies for new mothers & babies). We ended up collecting over 30 large packs of diapers, which were donated to the organization in June 2021. Through the course of this community action, students:

  • Wrote outreach emails & recorded informational videos
  • Designed flyers in Canva
  • Distributed the flyers

Below is a Pear Deck I created that was shared with the students at the beginning of the action.

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