Faculty Development: Video Streaming Information & Resources

This resource was created for teachers during the 2021-2022 school year. There were several questions coming up about video streaming, and the legality of how to do it in the classroom (both with academic, and non-academic films). This presentation contains basic information about not violating copyright laws by using personal streaming accounts, and how we should model & practice Berkeley Carroll’s expectations of digital citizenship, as well as respect of intellectual property.

The presentation also has information on solutions, and ideas for acquiring classroom films (with advanced notice) in an ethical way. This includes using our educational subscription streaming service Swank, or acquiring educational streaming licenses. Finally, it provides a link to a “Quick Video Links” page I put together, which has links to videos teachers can play in a pinch – all of which come from video library resources.

All of the information on this presentation can also be found (in more detail) on the “YouTube & Video Streaming” page on my Technology in Practice Libguide.

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