Affinity Group Recipe Collection

The following recipe collection captures a snapshot of some of the middle school community’s favorite recipes. The school invited our faculty and students who participate in affinity groups to share recipes that are meaningful to them. I helped organize the three meetings held for students to create their recipes, and also interviewed the students who contributed.

There were three versions of the cookbook that I compiled, and designed using Canva.

  • PDF that students, and faculty can browse through and read
  • A video for students to watch, including individual video interviews (from students and teachers)
  • A printed book that students who contributed recipes to received

This project was implemented as part of my Middle School Equity & Inclusion Coordinator, and Technology Integrator roles (2021-2022 school year) at The Berkeley Carroll School. The project is not linked to, to protect student privacy. For any more information, please contact me through my “Contact Me” page!

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