7th Grade Soundtrap Basics: Podcasting Unit

This lesson was to provide students with instruction in the basics of using Soundtrap (an audio editing platform) to record a podcast interview, and share helpful tips & tricks for navigating the interface. The skills were applied to a project in humanities where each 7th grader was asked to record an interview, and edit it into a short podcast.

Soundtrap Basics Lesson Flow:

  1. Join a Soundtrap class & Studio Assignment
  2. Add a track & troubleshoot sound/mic issues
  3. Searching the Loop Library, and inserting a sound
  4. Navigating the top toolbar
  5. Tips & Tricks: Fading a track in/out; Snap to Grid; Copy/pasting tracks; Splitting tracks; Adjusting volume & reverb

This lesson was done using live demos, but slides were shared with humanities teachers to post in any resource document/Google Classroom Topic the students were using for the project. This way students had access to all screenshots/recorded demos asynchronously. This lesson was implemented during the 2021-2022 school year.

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