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While I was a frequent SFPL patron when living in the Bay Area, I never explored their Kids + Teen programming options. Not surprisingly, they have a wide and diverse array of offerings.

They now even have their own teen web platform they call The Mix at SFPL,which curates all of the teen programming, events, resources, and teen-created content (such as book recommendations and social media) onto a separate “The Mix” website. Finding it was easy – clicking on the “Teens” link from the San Francisco Public Library homepage takes you straight to the site.

While I’m not crazy about the design and layout (it looks pretty outdated in a clip-art/MS paint way to me), I do like the idea of creating a separate web space with a distinct feel from the rest of the SFPL site. It also creates a “for us, by us” sensation by weeding out content that most likely wouldn’t be interesting for library users ages 12+.

An umbrella name for everything teen-related (”The Mix”) also makes for fun marketing opportunities and a cohesive programming feel, such as the page “Made at the Mix” (see below).

Interesting links included on The Mix page include:

  • “Made at the Mix” : Featuring media content that was all created during teen programs and classes at SFPL
  • A Resources page specifically for research and educational resources
  • “Your Future” : With links for job and volunteer opportunities, as well as college information!

Their Events Calendar (w/aggregated teen events from all SFPL branches) is also pretty robust!

Teen Programming – Home | Teens at SFPL

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