Faculty Resource: Books & Bytes

Books & Bytes is a semi-weekly bulletin of middle school tech and library news. It is sent to our middle school faculty every two weeks. I started this with my department (the Middle School Librarian, and Director of Education Technology) during the 2020-2021 school year, and we create each issue collaboratively. Besides wanting to highlight the multitude of skills, and resources our tech and library team has to offer the middle school, the newsletter’s inspiration came from a few other ideas, including:

  • An interest in reducing email fatigue for faculty, and condensing information into a 1-page format
  • Highlighting visibility of projects, displays, and resources in the library (during a COVID-year when the library was not accessible)
  • Sharing technology tips, tours, tutorials, and other helpful pieces of information during a tech-heavy year
  • Featuring various student tech, and library-created projects (mostly completed during our 5th-8th Digital Essentials class)
  • Featuring successful tech and library curriculuar & classroom collaborations

This newsletter is created using Google Slides. To request more information on Books & Bytes, or to see more issues please send me a message through my Contact Me page.

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