Library Snowflakes

Our autumn leaves have been replaced by decorative paper snowflakes! Thanks to all of the middle schoolers who cut out these recycled snowflakes during breaktime. While we had some templates available, many students decided to be creative and try out their own designs!

Youth Spaces – Thrifty Library Hacks


This SLJ article (plus its supplement “More Thrifty Library Hacks”) is an awesome curated guide of tips on sprucing up youth library spaces. The best part is that all of the tips are budget-friendly, and most are DIY!!

I think these ideas are a great way to make colorful updates in any youth space, and also possibly incorporate staff + students who love to DIY. I also think these tips, and any variations on them, could work both in a school or public library setting.

I especially like the ideas of turning large buckets into stools, fixing torn furniture with duct tape art, and making stained glass designs on library windows with tissue paper. There are also smart budgeting tips, such as how to print poster sized images without spending the hefty printing fee that comes with large-format printing.

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Youth Spaces – Thrifty Library Hacks