Visualizing Literary Genres: A Design Project

The outcome of this project – utilizing a digital program that allows the creation of free-form word clouds, will introduce a new technological resource to students. Overall, the program aims to elevate different aspects of literacy (both basic, and data) in the format of a creative, interactive, and primarily digital activity. It focuses on these outcomes, because increased literacy (both print, and digital) leads to higher levels of success, agency, and development in youth. 

This activity has two parts, the first being the brainstorming terms associated with different literary genres, and the second component being the creation of the digital word cloud. The thought paper for this project, including a rationale and visualizations, can be viewed here. A corresponding handout can be viewed here.

This design project was designed, and submitted as a class assignment for Growing Up Digital (Pratt Institute 2019, Professor Bowler).