Elementary School Programming – Ready, Set, Kindergarten is now on your phone!


I though that this texting initiative, offered by the Brooklyn Public Library, was a super cool early childhood resource and idea!

The initiative was developed as part of BPL’s early education program Ready, Set Kindergarten!, which is a multi-session series of stories and activities, designed to develop early learning practices.

The premise of the idea is that parents sign up to receive text messages on their phone (during times that they’re most likely to be with their child), that include tips on learning different literacy and early education skills. An example text message would be:

“Find a time to read with your child every day, at a time that works for your family.”


The library studied different text initiatives when developing the program, like

NYC Department of Education’s Pre-K On the Go.

Research surrounding educative texting programs found that “these children did better on literacy tests than children whose parents didn’t receive early literacy tips via text. The texts were reaching parents when they were likely to be with their kids and able to act on the suggestions.”

Elementary School Programming – Ready, Set, Kindergarten is now on your phone!